1 100% Guarantee All tickets are guaranteed to be 100% authentic or your money back. Tony Ticket says “Whatdoyouthink...we couldn't stay in business if we didn't get you real tickets.”
2 100% Delivery All tickets are guaranteed to arrive in time for the event or your money back. Tony Ticket says “The tickets are worthless if they come the day after the show, so we better make sure you get them before the show, we dont want no problems with you”
3 100% Secure All transactions on our site are guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure. Tony Ticket says “I wouldn't buy on an unsecure site and neither should you”
4 100% No Obstructions All tickets are guaranteed to be free from obstructions (unless otherwise indicated). Tony Ticket says “I don’t want to look at no freakin column, that would be no fun, so we make sure the tickets have a full view”
5 100% Adjacent All seats are guaranteed to be side-by-side, next to each other (unless otherwise indicated) Tony Ticket says “It would be okay to seperate us if I was going with my ex wife, but if I’m going with my friends I better be sitting right next to them or bada bing bada boom”
6 100% Accurate All information about seating is guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Tony Ticket says “we speaks da truth”
7 100% Refund All events that are cancelled for which there is no resecheduled performance will be refund in full less shipping. Tony Ticket says, “Of course, if there is no show you get your money back what do you think we are”
8 100% Shipping Overnight couriers will reimburse shipping fees for orders not delivered in time due to their errors. Tony Ticket says, “They betta or I’ll come lookin for them”
9 100% Tracking We will provide overnight shipping tracking numbers once tickets ship. Tony Ticket says, “Here are the digits to track you tickets, hey that rhymes!”
10 100% Rescheduled All tickets will be valid for officially resecueduled performances. Tony Ticket says, “You think I want to sit in an empty arena, I want to go to the new show”
11 100% Free Listings We will relist your tickets for sale for events that are rescheduled that you wish to resell. Tony Ticket says” Sell my tickets, or else!!”
12 100% Refund Unplayed playoff games that are officially canceled or not played will be refunded. Tony Ticket says “Give me my money”
13 100% Selection We offer a huge selection of tickets for every budget. Tony Ticket says “Wow how’d you get all those tickets anyway”
14 100% Presale Tickets can be available on presales before they are sold to the general public giving you first crack at great seats. Tony Ticket says “Get em any way you can”
15 100% Travel TIX Travel & Ticket Agency offers both tickets as well as travel packages consisting of transportation and accommodations. Tony Ticket says, “Fuhgeddaboudit, we can hook you up”
16 100% Confidential All ticket sellers transactions are kept strictly confidential. Seller contact information is never disclosed to the buyer. Tony Ticket says, “We don’t tell nobody nothin”
17 100% Payment Sellers are paid promptly, guaranteed. Tony Ticket says, “Don’t worry bout it”
18 100% Toll-Free We offer a 24 hour toll-free emergency service. Tony Ticket says, I got nothing else to do at 3am but take your call”
19 100% Assistance We offer a lost ticket assistance service to help with reprints of lost or stolen tickets (subject to box office conditions). Tony Ticket says, “We got your back”
20 100% Reply We guarantee to reply to all trouble tickets with 24 business hours. Tony Ticket says “My guys will get back to you ASAP or they have to answer to me
21 100% Service We offer you the best customer service from a staff of professional ticket consultants. Tony TIcket says “The pros knows…”
22 100% Real Are ticket consultants are real live humans, no annoying automated help lines. “We tried hiring monkeys but they went bananas on us”
23 100% Best We are the best in the ticket industry, with over 35 years of experience servicing retail customers, corporate accounts and wholesale brokers. Tony Ticket says, “We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse”
24 100% A+ Rated You can rest assured when doing business with TIX that you are in good hands. TIX has an A+ Rating and thousands of positive reviews from happy customers. Tony Ticket says, “If I’m happy... your happy or something like that”
25 100% No Spam We never sell our information. All customer contact info is only for contact between you and us. Tony Ticket says “Lets just say that the last guy that spammed me is still missing”
26 100% Compliant We are PCI Compliant for all online transactions. Tony Ticket says “I don’t know what that means but by consigliere says its a good thing”
27 100% International We are able to offer ticket sales in the US, Canada and throughout the world. Tony Ticket says “We will go to all ends of the earth to find you (a ticket)”
28 100% Exceed your expectations And you thought you would only have a 25 point guarantee. Tony Ticket says “You want it, you got it”

Guarantee terms & conditions.
We stand behind the tickets we sell. If you are denied entry you must first contact your ticket broker for assistance. If you still are denied entry you must obtain written proof from the box office manager. Written documentation must be received within 48 hours of the event.

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